Automated Meter Collection

Saxon Automated Meter Collection automates and simplifies meter reading activities, reducing manual intervention and delivering accurate results.

The non-invasive application automatically creates a snapshot of all devices in a matter of minutes. Encrypted usage data is sent directly to a secure SBS location at pre-determined intervals.

Key Benefits

  • NO COST to the customer (no hidden fees or administrative charges)
  • Installed by certified specialists – requires minimal involvement from you or your onsite IT department
  • Automatically collects meters from networked devices including copy/print/scan/fax/color usage data
  • Enterprise-level installations are supported with the ability to audit thousands of devices
  • Increases office productivity with no manual intervention required
  • Removes the complex and costly engagement cycle associated with device identification and meter collection
  • Delivers accurate billing results, no estimates or human errors
  • Produce multiple reports with just one click – display both instant and historical data for easy analysis
  • Core engine communicates with no more than 20 devices at a single time reducing the amount of network bandwidth used during a discovery
  • Will help you comply with HIPAA regulations!
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