Managed Print Solutions

  • 90% of companies don’t realize what they are spending on print.
  • 15 million pages are printed every five minutes in the United States.
  • A typical office worker prints up to 34 pages a day, 17% are never used.
  • The typical office laser printer creates 100 lbs of waste each year.
  • 3% of annual revenues are spent on document production.


Saxon’s Managed Print Services are all about streamlining your print environment and helping you significantly lower costs and increase profitability and efficiency.

As a part of our SAX360 process, our experienced print professionals use a data-driven approach to gain a comprehensive understanding of your entire document management infrastructure. They will spend time with you to gain an understanding of your business goals.
Our competency is providing flexible solutions that meet the individual requirements of our customers based on information in the following areas:

Asset Management

Workflow Automation

Color Strategy

Mobile Print


Environmental Sustainability

Printer Refresh

Label Printers

Managing your print assets is the first step in managing costs and improving productivity. We’ll help you get the right equipment in the right places within your organization. Then we’ll regularly service your equipment helping you avoid costly downtime and surprise purchases and develop a replacement strategy to help you keep your technology current so you can focus on your core business.

Bottlenecks and time intensive processes inside your organization’s document lifecycle will leave an opening for solutions to increase the productivity of your staff. Automating processes can also reduce print volumes by decreasing waste.
You can read more about these solutions in the Workflow Automation section of our site.

Printing a document in color can cost five to seven times as much as printing it in black and white. We’ll optimize your print environment to make sure that your investment in color printing capabilities is producing the impact and value you need.

Easily print from your iPad, tablet or other mobile device with Mobile Print. We’ll help you configure your devices so your employees and guests will be able to print where and when they need to.

Your employees will be able to print confidential documents to any device within your organization by signing in to the printer. Simply send your document to the queue where it stays secure until you release it from any printer on your network. Devices can be fully integrated with Active Directory and documents can be released in a variety of ways such as scanning security badge, entering a code or using a biometric reader.

Green practices you could implement to assist in your organization’s carbon footprint.

We care about doing our part with the environment to ensure a healthy and safe future for our children.

Less downtime means less frustration for your staff. Our Managed Print Services program includes options to replace aging devices when they become unreliable.

Label printers are unique devices with a specialized set of parts and supplies that needs to be managed separately from the rest of your fleet. Save yourself some time and rest assured that MBM’s trained specialists will provide the proper maintenance and repair to your lable printers to keep them running for years to come.

We will be more than happy to show you specific examples during your first meeting with one of our consultants.