Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

Run more effective marketing with a multi-channel approach

Today the market is so saturated with content it can be hard to stand out. Companies are screaming to be heard, yet they get very little return on their marketing efforts. Traditional methods of marketing are not as effective as they once were, and digital platforms are exploding with content. The question then is, how do companies compete in a highly competitive marketplace? They integrate both traditional and digital strategies on the #1 marketing platform – XMPie.

XMPie uses a multichannel approach that integrates both traditional and digital marketing strategies to improve the brand experience. It creates highly targeted and relevant campaigns that draw attention to the intended customer.

Personalize Marketing

Increase response rates through personalized campaigns

Cross Channel/ Omni Channel Marketing

Reach more customers through the use of many channels with unified messaging

Campaign Management

Drive revenue through automated multichannel campaigns

Marketing Metrics

Maximize your marketing dollars with successful campaigns

Mobile Marketing

Engage and interact with your audience anywhere

Targeted Messaging

Get stronger results with relatable and targeted messaging that resonates with each of your market segments

Brand Consistency

Build a stronger brand and improve your user experience with consistent branding


Increased response rates
Capture more data
Increase revenue
Get more clients!